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Build easy-to-install decks quickly and simply:


always wear safety googles and protective gloves

As in all construction projects, remember to use the correct personal protective equipment.  Always wear safety glasses, and protect your hands by wearing all-purpose utility gloves. This will drastically reduce the risk of eye and hand injury.  










Other equipment that will be needed for deck installation projects:
- electric screwdriver
- rubber mallet
- utility knife
- measuring tape



always ensure ground surface is levelled before installing deck 
To prepare the ground, first measure the layout and shape of the deck with a hose or string and add or remove ground material until a flat surface is achieved. 

The MultyDeck™ bases can be assembled on virtually any type of surface including dirt or sand, gravel, sod, or cracked pavement.




It is recommended to use a landscape fabric over the prepared ground (especially sod or active vegetation areas) to prevent growth of plants through the deck boards later in the season.
If the deck is being installed on flat, clear and even concrete, such as a poolside deck or a commercial space such as a restaurant patio, there is no ground prep required.



Build panels using the rubber bases as guides to hold 6" decking boards or composite boards.  Each base holds three boards.  Attach boards to rubber base with 1 ⅝" deck screws.  

Place wood upside down. Press rubber bases at recommended spacing of maximum 18" between bases. Insert screws at center of each rubber base to secure wood firmly.  You will need 6 deck screws per rubber base (2 screws per board, each base holds three boards).








Turn the panels over so that the rubber bases are now on the ground.  Arrange the panels to cover the desired deck space.  Leave a gap of 5 ½" between rubber base, this will form the groove that will accept the joiner boards. 

Joiner boards are simply additional 2x6" decking boards, same as those secured to MultyDeck rubber bases.  Add the joiner boards to the spaces between panels.  Fasten into place, on either side of the joiner board, by screwing the wood at a 45 degree angle into the rubber side supports of the base on each opposing panel. 

Insert board between each set of panels to increase width and secure wood to base, using 1 3/4 to 2" deck screws to go into side supports of rubber base at a 30 degree angle.










Fully joined, the final deck can be finished with a frame to create a clean look.  The frame can add another level of stability to the structure, but it is not needed for utilitarian applications such as platforms for storage.
Remove outer side supports of rubber base using utility knife or circular saw. Add 2 × 2” wood trim to deck perimeter using 3” screws.




treated boards may swell and shrink
Not all wood is created equal.  The MultyDeck™ base is engineered to hold 3 decking boards.  Freshly treated deck boards may swell and shrink, as it dries out.  Freshly treated boards could be snug, and may require tapping with a rubber mallet to fit into the channels.



remember to protect your deck 
To get the best performance out of your deck you should treat the wood by applying a coat of water repellent treatment onto all surfaces before installation. Securely fasten the rubber to the deck boards with corrosion-resistant screws.

Brush-treat raw wood that is exposed when cutting and retreat the tops of the boards with a good brushing of water repellent every year.  Like anything the more maintenance you do will add to the longevity of the product.


instructions can be printed in landscape format on legal-sized paper

Download Instruction Sheets in PDF, for select project applications, below.  
The PDFs can be printed on legal sized paper, landscape format.    

Image 1_5-4x6 Base full v2.jpg
Multy Deck_Instruction_Step 2.jpg

dirt ground cover


gravel ground cover

Wet grass

grass ground cover


cracked pavement

Max spacing 18"

Turn panels over

Insert joiner boards here

Multy Deck_Instruction_Step 3.jpg

If adding optional 2x2" trim, remove side supports with utility knife

Inserted joiner boards were added here

Utility Spaces

3.5' x 8' Straight Deck

Download PDF here.

Lifestyle_Balcony with chair set_Multide
Condo Balconies

5.5' x 8' Straight Deck

Download PDF here.

RV / Campsites

7.5' x 10' Straight Deck

Download PDF here.

Patios / Backyards

7.5' x 12' Straight Deck

Download PDF here.

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