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MultyDeck™ is Versatile for Many Exciting Applications:

Simple straight decks, decks with mitered corner frames, or patchwork designs are all possible with the MultyDeck™ patented rubber base system.  Use 2x6" wooden boards in your desired stain, paint color or use composite boards.  The possibilities and wood stain combinations are limitless!


Ideal for small space living, or urban homes with balconies, the MultyDeck™ system allows a wooden deck to be built straight, and quickly.  The added benefit of rubber's stability and slip-resistence will ensure the deck remains in place.  

MultyDeck floating decks need not be attached to the building or the ground: a perfect solution for temporary spaces such as apartment rentals!  The deck can be dismantled, and transported to the new home.  MultyDeck is re-usable!

Build a robust, durable and stable deck for your urban living space!  Small spaces such as condo balconies can easily accommodate the quick-install system of MultyDeck.  MultyDeck does not require affixing to the building or balcony floor, making it ideal for rental units.  No need to request a landlord permit. 

See how PMQforTWO installed a 45' long balcony deck, at their home.


Enjoy your backyard patio space with the landscaped design of a wooden deck.

Create a deck quickly, and enjoy it within the weekend, such as our Picture Frame Deck with Mitered Corners, or our Patchwork Deck!  


Keep utility spaces organized with an instant deck.  Small functional decks can help identify storage areas for recycling bins, garbage cans, composting, rain barrels and more.  


Wooden decks are a growing trend at camp and RV sites.  The benefits of MultyDeck's quick-install, portability and re-usability are all ideally suited for the camp site!  Transportable and reusable, you can enjoy the deck year after year with quick assemble and disassemble of the MultyDeck panels.

Install MultyDeck on even, prepared ground.  

Get Installation Instructions here!


Consider our platform deck solution for play places!  Whether it's a platform base for kiddie pools, or a decorative addition to a playhouse, MultyDeck has unlimited creative possibilities! 


See how PMQforTWO painted the wooden boards of a MultyDeck straight deck to make a mid-century modern toddler-friendly play place!




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